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: Raunchy    04, 2009 3:29 pm

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Raunchy is a Modern Metal band from Denmark with melodic death metal influences. They formed in 1994, and have had four official releases since then. The band differentiates their sound from other metalcore by adding in electronic and industrial-esque sounds on top of melodic riffs. They were the first Danish band to sign with metal label Nuclear Blast records. Their latest album Wasteland Discotheque was distributed by Lifeforce Records.

Band Members:

* Kasper Thomsen / Kuffert - Lead vocals He does all the screaming and a limited amount of clean singing
* Jeppe Christensen - Keyboard/vocals He takes care of most of the clean singing on Death Pop Romance
* Morten Toft Hansen / Molle - Drums
* Jesper Andreas Tilsted / Tild - Guitar/Keyboard. Contributes with creative keyboard melodies in the studio
* Jesper Kvist - Bass
* Lars Christensen / s8tn - Guitar. Hes also the creator of all Raunchys artwork; that includes album covers, t-shirts, posters, flyers, webpage layout, etc.

Former member:

* Lars Vognstrup - Lead Vocals Did all vocals on Velvet Noise and Confusion Bay, but decided to leave the band in 2004 in favour of being chorus in Danish disco/pop act, Junior Senior.

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